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e-juices hand picked from local juice makers.


​Check out our wide variety of glass and plastic tanks in different colors and styles for your personal tastes.

Get all your replaceable and rebuildable parts, batteries and other accessories at discount prices!

Mods are battery holders and range from your inexpensive starter kits to your higher quality brass, stainless, variable and mechanical varieties. 

A New Generation of Smokeless Vapor!

Brand New Flavor fron Villain Vapors. DILLINGER !

Try this new flavor from outlaws at Villain Vapors. It is a Creamy, Caramel, Vanilla Custard, it is the Creme Brûlée of Vapes! We are one of the few stores to be offering this flavor in nic levels of 18, 12, 6 and 0 for your vaping pleasure.

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  Vapour Pirates

Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes

Finally a safe, convenient alternative to smoking without all the dangerous cancer causing chemicals and no ashes, no smell, just pure tasty vaping pleasure! Available is several different nicotine levels. Wean yourself slowly and safely down to ZERO nicotine and still enjoy a robust puff without smoking anyone out! This is proven to be the most effective way to quit smoking while enjoying yourself at the same time. 

Try a smokeless e-cigarette , it's cheaper, safer, tastier and more convenient without any harmful chemicals associated with smoking!

These products are intended for use with adults 18 and OVER ONLY. Not For Use By Minors!

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